Bloodthirsty orcs, wretched goblins and the putrid undead hordes have breached our castle's outer perimeter!

Not all hope is lost: a raven has brought news of salvation! The king himself is coming to our aid, but it might be a while so all we need to do is hold the castle's inner defenses! The enemy will then be flanked from behind and the battle will most assuredly be a sound victory!

The enemy must not cross the castle's palisade: at least one of your soldiers need to survive!

The master healer was last seen in the outer perimeter and presumed ... gone. It is up to you now, to figure out the riddles and answers in order to heal and buff your side during battle.

Good fortune to you!

Programming: Cristian Petrescu

Game Development: for business inquiries, please contact: chris(dot)petrescu99(at)gmail(dot)com